Building Blocks Preschool

Seeds of greatness

At Building Blocks Preschool your child will learn from the ground up and be taught all the necessary skills in order to plant a solid foundation for Kindergarten.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Valerie (Vance) Doggett. I have been teaching Preschool for over 27 years. My philosophy is that children need to feel loved and respected.  They need real hands-on experience to help them practice what they have learned.  Then they can use these skills not just in preschool, but in all their years of schooling to come –  I love these little sponges and I want them to be as excited about learning as I am!  These children are truly “Seeds of Greatness.”

    Developing Little Seeds of Greatness.


    Here I am dedicated to ensuring that your child’s learning journey begins from the very basics, equipping them with all the essential skills required to establish a strong foundation for a successful transition to Kindergarten. We focus on imparting a comprehensive set of abilities, which encompass the following:

    Visual Discrimination

    This cognitive skill allows children to recognize and differentiate visual information (shapes, colors, objects, etc.), helping them make sense of the world around them.

    Fine Motor Skills

    Children will learn to use and control their hands, fingers, and wrists, to perform precise and delicate tasks like writing, drawing, and tracing. 

    Social / Emotional

    Children learn to understand and manage their emotions, develop positive relationships with others, and acquire the skills necessary for effective social interactions.

    Listening & Speaking

    This skill allows children to gradually refine their ability to understand spoken language (listening) and express themselves verbally (speaking).

    Auditory Skills

    This skill involves both the perception of sounds and the comprehension of spoken language.

    Critical Thinking

    Critical thinking empowers children to be curious, independent thinkers who can make informed decisions, solve problems, and adapt to various situations effectively.

    Gross Motor Skills

    This refers to the abilities that involve the use of large muscle groups in the body to perform activities that require physical movement and coordination such as walking, jumping, and climbing.

    Practical Life Skills

    Here we engage children in age-appropriate activities, providing opportunities for hands-on learning, and allowing them to take on responsibilities